I Am Back, After Over A Year.

I have not published any content to this site in over a year, however, I have not quit writing. I have gone through a lot in the past two years, but I am back now after more¬†growth and life changing experiences. I am hiding all of my original content to bring you”A Willing To Live”, as a much more matured author. I will publish the first two chapters as soon as I have finished ‘hiding’ all of my original content. I hope you will have me back and enjoy this new story I am publishing TONIGHT.

“A Willing To Live” is a novel about Joey, who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at a young age that led to drug abuse and being kicked out of his mother’s home, later attempts to turns his life around to see his mother once again. When he makes his attempt to see his mother, it’s not exactly what he’d hoped to discover. This dramatic novel will take you on a journey of dark emotion, mental illness and self-discovery.

Please join me with the same amount of love and support that I have received from you all in the past. Now I need you more than ever.

To be continued…