‘Til Death Do Us Together

enlight16-4‘Til Death Do Us Together

“A raw and twisted tale of love and heroin.”

Written by Christian Tanner

This story will touch the center of many hearts as you read through the story of love and heroin. Many hearts may break, but may be meant to be broken. 




Oh my god, it was ridiculous. I had a girlfriend when she was single, she had a boyfriend when I was single. She wouldn’t fuck me if I had a girlfriend, because she was a good girl, with a good heart.
​My last three relationships ended terribly and Sarah was never good at comforting another person, talking about me specifically. So one day she got me the one thing every man wants to get when he ends a relationship, flowers and chocolate. Yep, flowers and chocolate to cheer me up after a bad break up. Then she did it a second time. And then a third time. I know deep down in her heart she meant the best but I gotta say, flowers don’t cheer up a lot of men. But the fact that she tried, that cheered me up.
​Sarah and I stopped talking for a little while because I met Amy and Amy changed my whole fucking world. No lie, she turned my whole world upside down with a small sheet of tin foil and black tar heroin. With Benadryl. You know where it’s going… I could nod off for the rest of my entire fucking life. It was amazing. And I always found it fun to smoke. The way I chase the running tar down the foil without letting any bit of smoke get away from me. It’s a little game. Or the way I would be down a mix.
​I smoked heroin all day every day. No money to do anything else but to get high. There isn’t much else to do anyway if you’re a drug addict, and a drug addict I am.
​Amy and I are noddin’ off, but I heard a faint whisper softly say “Let’s shoot it.”
​She pulls out a syringe, cotton balls, a spoon, a bottle of purified water. I was too out of it and high to even say no, but on the cool, I wanted to try it. Amy shot me up because I was too chickenshit to do it.
That’s when everything went bad. Terrible things started to happen.
​My heart feels like it’s going to explode. My elbows and fingers are going numb. My breathing is off. Like, really off. I can’t think clearly and I’m light-headed.
​I began to panic and the more I panicked, the more I panicked.
​I was overdosing. I knew it.
​Amy was passed out on the couch and in my mind I went straight to thinking she was dead.
​This was the end of the world for me.
​So I called the one person who always made it better.
​In a low key tone, I said, “Sarah, bring me some flowers and chocolates.” As my hands trembled and my knees buckle.
​“Kyle, it’s one in the morning.”
​“But I may die.” I shot back.
​In a lazy ass tone she asks me, “Where are you?”
​“I’m at Amy’s. I need you to come.”
​The thing about my life, is that I’m empathetic. Being empathetic leads to deeper emotion felt from another human being. I’ve known who my soul mate is for the last six years, and I love Sarah to death.


And death it was. The chocolates smeared down the passenger’s side window that was shattered. Rose petals were everywhere. One pedal even laid across her cheek. Her cold, dead, cheek. But she’s still beautiful.
​The scene of the crash left every pedestrian watching and helping.
​Another car sped through a stop light, probably 50 – 60 mph.
​Killed her. Right there on the spot.
​I felt it. I l felt the love of my life die.
​I think that was the last straw for my heart as well, because it beat its last beat. I died.

​Like two strong magnets, energy that’s meant to be together will always find each other. My soul searches for its mate. Sarah’s soul searches for hers. The energy between the two is strong. It gives living beings the chills. It makes rooms colder. It’s prevalent, but cannot be seen.
​I don’t see her, but I feel her. She feels me. We are together.
​The eye only allows us to see what it wants us to see. Everything beyond is simply faith. Until you die. Then, and only then, will your soul be revealed. Two energies collide like rapid fire and bind together as one. Forever. It took death to bring us together, not even life could tear us apart.


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