Give That Man A Dollar


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(A short story written by Christian Tanner)

My love for Wal-Mart bares the resemblance of how I love a splinter. It’s an unbreakable love. The kind of love that sneaks up behind you and stabs you in the back while you’re eating your favorite meal and drinking an iced tea. More lemon please.

“Zach, did you clean the spill on isle 4?”

“Damn it. I forgot. I’ll get it now, but then I’m going on break because I was supposed to go an hour ago.”

Dakota, my manager at the time, her eyes trailed high and then low. You know, that annoying passive-aggressive eye roll. But I can’t blame her, we’re all pretty guilty of the eye roll every now and then.

She demanded, “Fine. Just clean up isle 4.”

My head grew drowsy while I shrugged my shoulders and thought, fuck that bitch. Really, she wasn’t very chill, but I was as nice as I could be to her. She reminded me of the old lady from the Gilmore Girls. That was the only way I could be satisfied while painfully working with such a – well, you know where I’m going with this.

I went to my closet, the janitor’s closet, and grabbed the aged basic plastic broom stick and I also grabbed the mop that used to be white. After a while, the mop appeared like a crispy taco shell. The crispy mop looked like a weapon in a horror film, I swear to God, it was disgusting.

On my way to clean up the mess on isle 4, I purposely dragged my feet and made it clear that I hated my job. Just for shits and gigs.

Suddenly, something out of the ordinary stole my attention from my task. I only saw it from the corner of my eye, but I watched three packs of 24-roll toilet paper fall from the shelf.

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